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The DWP have published a 7 page mandatory reconsideration form which can be used with any benefit, but they make it clear they would rather you didn’t use it.

The 7 page long form can be downloaded to your computer and completed offline before being printed off, signed and posted.

According to the notes on the form it can only be saved and opened in Adobe Reader XI or newer versions. The DWP say it will not save in other pdf readers such as Preview on a Mac or Foxit on a PC.

The form, however, tries to discourage people from actually making use of it. Instead, the DWP make it clear that they would much rather you made a verbal request for an MR:

“It is easier to call

You can ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration over the phone. Your claim will be looked at in exactly the same way. It’s much quicker and you can explain why you think the decision is wrong over the phone, without needing to fill anything.”

Benefits and Work would always advise claimants to make their MR request in writing, so that you can give precisely the information you wish and do not have to justify what you are saying to a potentially discouraging DWP staff member.

If you do ask for an MR by phone, perhaps because you are very close to the deadline, it is still worth confirming in writing the fact that you made a telephone request.

You do not have to use this form to make a written MR request. If you prefer, you can still do so in a letter.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who does make use of the form. Please let us know if you encounter any technical – or other – problems.

You can download the form from this page.


+1 #4 Arthur Guy 2019-02-06 18:58
If anyone is having difficulty with CRMR1 form I found a way around it. You need to use Microsoft word. open it and there will be an option to save a copy. Once saved you are then able to fill the form in and print it off. I done it and it looks really professional. The good thing is it automatically saves so you can leave it and go back to it. But don't leave it to long lol hope this helps anyonec
#3 Letitia Rose 2018-03-15 14:22
I tried to download the form but encountered technical difficulties and couldnt fathom out how to print it straight off either.
#2 donut16 2018-03-11 22:32
+2 #1 taylor 2018-03-09 20:00
Dear B&W, I downloaded the mandatory reconsideration form ok with no problems and saved it to my computer. I dont need to make use of it at the moment but now I have it ready and partially filled in, just in case ! Thank you for the information.

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