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The mystery of how PIP and ESA assessment companies achieve over 90% customer satisfaction ratings has deepened after Benefits and Work tried to find readers who had been asked to provide feedback.

Last month we asked readers ‘Were you intimidated into giving good feedback to a PIP or ESA assessor?

We asked the question because we had heard from one member who had been asked to give signed feedback to a PIP assessor who stood over her as she wrote it. Not surprisingly she gave the health professional top marks.

We wanted to find out whether gathering feedback in this very unsatisfactory way was the norm, and the explanation for the 90% plus satisfaction rating achieved by private sector assessment companies, or whether it was a one-off error by an inexperienced assessor.

However, far from providing an answer, all we have done is deepen the mystery.

Because out of the many tens of thousands of claimants, advice workers and support workers who read our newsletters, only two people contacted us to say that they had been asked to give feedback.

One gave feedback in person and one in writing.

Such a low level of response is very unusual for Benefits and Work and does raise at least a suspicion that the number of people that the feedback responses are based on is quite small.

We have now made a freedom of information request to the DWP asking how and when feedback is collected, who it is collected by and how many responses the latest statistics are based upon.

We won’t be holding our breath for a response.

But we won’t give up either.


#6 Bluemoon 2018-04-03 15:44
Had both pip and esa Assessments last year. Was not asked for any feedback at all. I do wonder as one person said, that the assessor fills the box in themselves. Would love to see the reply you get from your freedom of information request.
+1 #5 DevonSally 2018-03-26 07:31
I had my assessment a couple of weeks ago. I received a phone call asking for feedback and I refused. I said the last time I went through the process I thought the assessment had gone well but when I received the decision, and subsequent report it was full of holes and inaccuracies therefore I wasn’t prepared to give feedback until I had my decision. He was very persistent, kept saying it was just a few questions about how I was treated by the assessor but I stood my ground saying I would be happy to give feedback once I had my decision but not before. He got grumpy and gave up in the end. I suspect this may be where they are getting their stats from. Yes the assessor was sympathetic and kind s holds no weight for me unless she gives an accurate report back to ATOS. Hope this helps
+1 #4 Appletart 2018-03-14 09:57
Legalised lying comes to mind. The DWP is a rogue organisation not fit for purpose.
+3 #3 satmanbasil 2018-03-13 13:42
I don not recall being asked in any of my face to face assessments to give feedback, makes me wonder if the assessor fills in this part without the knowledge of the claimant, it would go a long way to explaining the 90% success rate they claim to get.
+6 #2 tintack 2018-03-13 00:56
Perhaps the glowing feedback was submitted by the same claimants who wrote to the DWP expressing their gratitude at being sanctioned and explaining how it had helped them - you know, the people who the DWP then had to admit didn't actually exist.
#1 Mike 2018-03-12 17:57

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