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The latest DWP statistics show that the award rates for personal independence payment (PIP) fresh claims and reassessments are holding relatively steady, whilst the success rate for mandatory reconsiderations remains tiny.

For new PIP claims in the last quarter, the percentage of claimants receiving an award are:

  • November 2017 41%
  • December 2017 39%
  • January 2018 42%

For PIP reassessments, where DLA claimants are forced to be reassessed for PIP, the percentage of claimants receiving an award are:

  • November 2017 70%
  • December 2017 66%
  • January 2018 68%

In total, 3,215,000 claims for PIP had been decided by January 2018. Of these, 1,185,000 (37%) were reassessed DLA claims.

Meanwhile, the success rates for mandatory reconsiderations (MRs) remain extremely small.

For DLA to PIP reassessments the success rate for MRs is 22%.

For fresh PIP claims the MR success rate is 16%.

This compares with a success rate for PIP appeals of almost 70%


#5 Cheryl Anne 2020-01-08 03:17
i can't find the payment rates for PIP and ESA
#4 Pat Gallagher 2018-12-10 16:09
Is it correct that a claimant can have previously awarded benefits money taken away because they appealed at a PIP reassessment ? I had a MR which I lost but when I wanted to appeal that decision I was told it could result in monies being taken away from me . I am at a loss. It is a bit of a catch 22 situation. It seems so wrong that they can threaten this, wouldn't it be illegal ? When one receives a DWP letter outlining what they will receive, on the letter does it not read ''this is money the law says you need to live on '' ? If that money is removed, is that not breaking the law ?
#3 Joy 2018-03-28 10:42
These figures are from the DWP..... NOT INDEPENDANT WOULDNT TRUST THEM.
#2 Janice 2018-03-25 09:24
I think you have misunderstood. If you being transferred from DLA to PIP in January there was a 68% chance of an award (although the award could be at a different level to DLA). Of the 32% who didn’t get an award some will ask for a mandatory reassessment, and only 22% of these people will get an award. As we don’t know the number who ask for a MR it is impossible to do the maths to show the overall percentage who end up with an award of some kind from the information above, but it is certainly a lot lower than 90%.
#1 Porridge 2018-03-22 13:48
So if you're being transferred from DLA to PIP, initially you've got about a 69 per cent likelihood of getting PIP, but if you include all people who ask for an MR that increases to a 91 per cent likelihood of getting PIP? Is that right? Which would then leave 9 per cent of tranferers without PIP, of which how many would gain PIP upon appeal, I wonder? Or have ai misunderstood? Seems quite hopeful then after all!

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