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Can you help get a play about ESA which features the experiences of Benefits and Work readers into production?

Back in November 2013 we were contacted by a former benefits adviser turned playwright, Christina Katic.

Christina wanted to hear from ESA claimants who were willing to be interviewed about their experience of claiming employment and support allowance (ESA).

Chris has been back in touch with us. She tells us that “You put an item in your newsletter - and I had all the people I needed instantly!”

Now Christina would like your help again. She told Benefits and Work:

“It’s been a long road to get the play this far, but now I’m working towards production in 2019, along with director Gemma Kerr. Coming up to 10 years after ESA started, it’s still with us, and the stories I’ve gathered feel more relevant than ever. SICK Stories has support from Graeae Theatre Company, the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, and Arts Council England.”

In order to get the show produced Christina now hopes to run 5 days of workshops in the summer, for which she is trying to crowdfund £5,000.

Christina stresses that she is not looking for donations from claimants. Instead, she is hoping you can help publicise the appeal and contact her direct with messages of support.

“People can support us massively by sharing the project on Facebook, Twitter, and by emailing me at chris@sickbenefitsplay.org. This will spread the word, and will demonstrate to other funders that we have an audience for the play, which is a crucial part of securing funding for production.”

If you are able to help with publicity, the Crowdfunder page is here.

And the project’s website is here.

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