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Benefits and Work readers have once again demonstrated their ‘overwhelming’ generosity and willingness to support individuals and organisations fighting for the rights of claimants. Thanks to donations from you, Disability News Service (DNS) has a secure future, at least into next year.

Last month we made an appeal on behalf disabled journalist John Pring who has been running DNS for the last nine years. In that time he has broken many ground breaking stories about benefits issues, but also used up almost all his life savings keeping the service afloat.

John revealed that DNS was unlikely to survive long enough to celebrate its tenth anniversary in April next year without significant financial support.

Thanks to you, he has received it. John told us:

"Thank you so much to all of the Benefits and Work members who have supported DNS financially.”

“The response to the story has been overwhelming, and it means that the future of DNS is secured, at least until its 10th anniversary next April.

“Just as importantly, what it means for me is that I will know from now on that, when I write my news stories, as well as being based on the views of disabled people and their user-led organisations, they will also be crowdfunded to a significant extent by disabled people and their allies.

“That will make a huge difference to me in my work and I hope that that fact will also reach the government departments and other organisations that I write about."

A donate button will continue to appear below every article on the DNS website and we urge readers to continue supporting John when they are able.


#1 justinS 2018-10-04 09:54
That john has used all his life savings shows the caliber of the man. I will continue to support him as and when I can. Just a couple of quid makes a lot of difference. It would be nice to think we could replace his savings for him. He used all his life savings for us and he calls us generous. Thank you John you are a star.

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