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Unite the Union is running a campaign to stop the rollout of universal credit (UC) and would like to hear from you if you are a UC claimant.

Unite is conducting its own research into UC.

This includes surveying 100 claimants outside Jobcentres in each of 10 different areas of the UK.

In addition, there is an online survey that any UC claimant can take part in.

One of those involved in the campaign is the campaigner known as “I was a JSA claimant”.

He has been speaking to UC claimants, compiling survey results and tweeting some of the responses including:

"I was sanctioned for attending my sister's funeral even though I have prior notice to not been able to attend the meeting."

"My long term sanctions meant I got into six months rent arrears and I was evicted from my home of nine years, in December 2017"

"Asked for help with claim. Got nothing. I've been diagnosed with cancer in breast, informed jobcentre. Got sanctioned for missing 2 appointments. I was in fucking hospital!!!! Landlord wants to evict me as I cant give her enough money. Turned down for PIP"

You can read the full story on The Canary website.


+1 #2 Gregory Curtis 2018-10-03 15:38
"the Tories are doing everything they can think of to kill the poor"
Liverpool mother,two weeks ago.
+1 #1 FieldL2015 2018-09-22 16:02
I wish this would get scrapped altogether, but its very unlikely thats going to happen now. Its causing no end of anxiety for me, and many other people with mental health problems and physical issues. This government seem to delight in making peoples lives a misery who have to claim benefits through no fault of their own. They are sneaky and will do anything to stop people getting the money they deserve. No wonder 70% of appeals get overturned. Doesnt that tell you something DWP???

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