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Anyone hoping for a change of tack from the DWP now that Amber Rudd has taken over will have been disappointed by her first statements to MPs, in which she dismissed the UN report on poverty in the UK and called the DWP a ‘force for good’.

Rudd, the new secretary of state for work and pensions, decided to condemn the report simply on the basis that she did not like the tone that the UN special rapporteur adopted: the

“I have seen the report by the rapporteur—I read it over the weekend—and I must say that I was disappointed, to say the least, by the extraordinary political nature of his language. We on the Conservative Benches will always engage with professionals, experts and non-governmental organisations—we are not so proud that we do not think we can learn as we try to adjust universal credit for the benefit of everybody—but that sort of language was wholly inappropriate and actually discredited a lot of what he was saying. We look forward to working with experts in the area to make sure that we get the right outcome for the people whom we want to look after.”

Rudd was also unstinting in her praise for the work of the DWP:

“Three days in, and I know that the Department for Work and Pensions is a force for good. It helps people in need, helps people into work and out of poverty, and gives support at the end of their lives. This is what we want for our families, our friends and our neighbours. This is the country we are; this is who we are. It is good that employment has risen to record levels of 75%, as stated just recently.”

The secretary of state was prepared to admit that there were some problems with universal credit, but there was no hint of further delaying the mass migration of existing claimants onto UC:

“But I know that there are problems with universal credit, despite its good intentions. I have seen them for myself. I will be listening and learning from the expert groups in this area who do such good work. I know it can be better. I will make it my role to ensure that we deliver that through our discussions within the DWP and through discussions with the Treasury. We will have a fair, compassionate and efficient benefits system.”

In response to a specific request for a pause to the rollout of UC, Rudd replied:

“We are not stopping, ceasing or pausing the system, but we always make sure that we change it where it needs to be changed, to ensure that it operates in people’s best interests.”

So, it sounds very much like business as usual under the leadership of the latest short-stay secretary of state for work and pensions.

You can read more of Rudd’s answers to questions on UC here.



#6 annken 2019-01-20 14:31
she's had makeover so she's looking to the PMs job even help the country then. Why are the rich never satisfied with what they have if they paid their proper taxes there would be enough for everybody to have a decent life and maybe just maybe there wouldn't be people falling ill with depression and similar because of the feeling of helplessness and lack of control. Its easy to say people can take control of their own lives when you have money not so easy when your PIP or UC has been stopped or reduced
#5 susan boyle 2018-12-16 00:45
Sue....These were the years when I thought my problems would be over.now there worse thanks to this government. I dare say they'll retire when they're 60.ive nothing to look forward now.years of assesments no security.nothin g .I was treated Terribly at the last assessment god only knows what will happen to me now...
+1 #4 susan boyle 2018-12-16 00:40
I am unfortunately one of the women born in the fifties who without warning has had my pension taken from me until I'm 66.im 62 I can no longer work I can barely walk .I can only claim basic sickness pay.support.i feel robbed and have been ..The tories haven't got a clue.i have lost my zest for life .my health is worsened.ive felt suicidal..they' ve ruined my life.dont this k ill see my pension what a waste my life has been.sue..
+6 #3 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2018-11-23 16:06
Rudd another miserable evil waste of oxygen. Just like DWP Tory minister Justin Tomlinson, who said to reporters that people on benefits and can't manage, should take in lodgers to boost their benefit caps. Another utter idiot well out of touch with reality,such a waste of oxygen.

Please subscribers if you have common sense do not vote in the Tories @ any General Election.
+5 #2 buster 2018-11-22 22:13
Amber Rudd is probably worried about the government losing the upcoming vote in the commons regarding the proposed Universal Credit managed migration regulations. Hence her apparent "understanding" of the inbuilt policy problems with UC.

The DUP will probably abstain and might even vote with the opposition including Labour. Labour or the SNP might even be able to force through some very significant changes to the managed migration regulations by tabling some amendments which hopefully could go unchallenged by the government with their position and power being so perilous at the moment.

It seems that Rudd is trying to hoodwink everyone connected with UC including MPs, giving the impression she is listening, with the hope or expectation that they will have been appeased by her phoney claptrap and therefore will vote with her party to bring in the UC managed migration regulations in their current form - which are commonly believed to be punitive to say the least - according to just about everyone.

+6 #1 andy 2018-11-22 18:24
Rudd is either on something or like so many tories, living in cookoo land

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