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25% of personal independence payment (PIP) claimants who have their award reviewed end up with no award at all, while 16% have their award cut, according to figures released by the DWP today. The figures also show that fewer than half of new PIP claimants get an award.

The full statistics show that out of 505,000 claimants whose PIP award has been reviewed since June 2016:

  • 25% had their award stopped completely
  • 16% had their award decreased
  • 16% had their award increased
  • 43% had their award maintained at the same rates

There were large variations in review outcomes depending on the main disabling condition of the claimant.

For example, 52% of claimants with a malignant disease have their award stopped or reduced, compared to 46% with psychiatric disorders, 36% with neurological disease and 32% with respiratory disease.

You can download the full statistics from this link.


#2 Cecylia 2019-01-10 18:52
The Conservative MP was forced to wipe away tears after Labour’s Frank Field, the chair of the work and pensions select committee, described how he had persuaded a man not to kill himself and spoke of a family having a 'lucky week' because they were invited to a funeral so they could eat the leftover food
Tory MP cries at universal credit impact speech from Frank Field
+2 #1 Michele 2019-01-03 02:48
Had my face to face assessment Dec 12 2018 took an advocate and recorded entire meeting

Assessor was requested by my Advocate POHWER to slow down on questions not rush through and response was “ there is a lot to get through !”

I had a carer friend present actually my co trustee re my disabled trust who drives me around .

Recovering from my 3rd major surgery after hip replacement 2016 leaving me with nerve damage cannot feel left foot .
Recent surgery June 2018 found no muscles attached to hip bone . ME chronic fatigue relapse since Sept 2028 been bedridden
Bowel prolapse requiring extra toileting needs by carer
All backed up by detailed reports stating my needs for care washing dressing upper lower body

All meals prepared however I was still asked why I cannot premiere foods standing on 2 crutches past 7 months !

Pretty obvious !

Hand OT report stating my care needs in detail ignored

I attended in a wheelchair with my crutches .
Advocate prompted me not to stand or demonstrate I could stand on crutches as this wouid go against me

The entire assessment was rushed through and at the end I felt so depleted in pain I had to request water and advocate for pain jokiness

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