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47% of disability living allowance (DLA) to personal independence payment (PIP) claimants either get a lower award or no award at all, according to figures released by the DWP today.

The figures for reassessment claimants show that in total:

  • 39% had their benefit increased
  • 14% had their benefit left unchanged
  • 22% had their benefit decreased
  • 21% got no award at all after assessment
  • 4% were disallowed before the assessment
  • 1% withdrew their claim

Results varied according to the claimant’s condition.

For example, 40% of claimants with psychoneurosis had their award stopped altogether, compared with 37% of claimants with psychosis, 28% with learning difficulties, 16% with arthritis and 15% with back pain.

One bit of bright news in the figures is that 28% of claimants were awarded PIP at the highest rate for both components, compared to 16% under DLA.

You can download the full statistics from this link.


#5 Nutmuncher444 2019-05-03 15:58
My condition has changed significantly since my award, I have asked my doctor for a letter of support and will take this to my local CAB. I am hoping to get my lower rate mobility raised to enhanced rate as I received it under the old rules of DLA a few years back. I understand this can be risky but my condition has changed dramatically.
#4 annken 2019-01-20 14:23
my car had to go back after 20 years we had no option but to buy it taking all our retirement savings. you work hard for 40 years pay all you are asked save for your old age but the government seems intent on punishing people who are ill in older age. Cant begin to explain my disgust and dismay we should have to fight for what we thought to be rights along with our loss of £25K OAP. its disgusting. they should hang their heads in shame
#3 Crocus 2019-01-01 00:54
I have just received my award from DLA to pip and my car has to go back. God knows what will happen now .
#2 kirsty3 2018-12-13 12:53
I read something like that too
+3 #1 Michelle Newbold 2018-12-12 17:05
I thought I was reading that the DWP aren't allowed to reduce or stop the change over from DLA to PIP unless they can prove your health has improved and should be similar amount. There was a test case where the upper tribunal looked at. In the case (CPIP/3272/2016 ) the Upper Tribunal. I was hoping this might help me with my appeal that's coming up, as I was on DLA and when told to move to PIP and had assessment I was refused completely, am I reading and understanding all this wrong?

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