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The DWP is carrying out yet another review of personal independence payment (PIP) claimants to identify individuals who are eligible for a back -payment because of a failure by the department to interpret the law correctly. In this case around 4,600 claimants are expected to get an award.

The OM judgement related to claimants who failed to attend a face-to-face assessment for reassessment from DLA to PIP or who failed to provide information that had been requested and had their DLA award stopped as a result.

The upper tribunal found that where good cause had been shown, the claimants should have had their DLA reinstated until a decision was made about their eligibility for PIP.

The DWP are now reviewing the cases of all claimants since the date of the decision , 23 November 2017, who failed to attend an assessment or failed to provide evidence but were subsequently found to have good cause.

They estimate that around 4,600 claimants will receive a back-payment as a result.

Details of the review were given in a statement by Sarah Newton, minister for disabled people.


#1 Janny 2019-02-13 12:53
I missed my 1st DLA to PIP assessment due to memory problems which the DWP were aware of. It was a matter of hours and I contacted DWP immediately to explain but my DLA was stopped. I was told I’d have to re-apply, complete all paperwork again too. As much as I protested it was insisted upon so I did. Weeks later I was told I shouldn’t have been forced to do that. My second assessment was failed and ended up in my favour in Tribunal but i was ordered to attend yet another assessment, even though there is evidence the last assessment went ahead, the assessor failed to submit her report. Should I be entitled to this backpay too?

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