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The family of a woman who died after being refused PIP following a Capita assessment have received £10,000 in compensation for maladministration, the BBC reported today.

Victoria Smith died last July, weeks after having her PIP award stopped. The decision was made when Ms Smith was reassessed for PIP having previously received it.

A mandatory reconsideration request was unsuccessful and shortly after getting the news Ms Smith was admitted to hospital, where she died.

Ms Smith’s mother said that the decision ‘destroyed’ her:

"When they took away her ability to look after herself, to have a way of life, she gave up."

The week after she died, a tribunal found that she was eligible for PIP.

Ms Smith’s family sued Capita for maladministration on the grounds that the assessment report contained inaccurate statements.

The court found in favour of the family and awarded £10,000 in compensation.

Capita, however, maintain that their report was correct, based on the information they were given at the time.

They claim that due to a procedural issue their full response to the claim was not considered by the court and they say they have now asked the court to investigate the issue.

You can read the full story on the BBC website.


+1 #3 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2019-02-25 15:27
The assessor should be jailed. And Capita should shell out millions in compensation to the family.
#2 rosamimosa 2019-02-25 00:57
I am not least surprised
conceived as a helper to disabled people PIP turned into vicious monster sowing deaths around
Ms Smith is not the first and not the last
if you remember the unfortunate man took his life before christmas after their denial
i myself in the similar situation with PIP being slashed due to untrue statements by visiting HP
when I asked about the reconsideration and up to date evidence from GP they refused to wait
there is no cure for my illness and no financial help for the dignified life
i feel as unwanted member of society with constant thoughts of self elimination
being referred to the Critical mental Team at the moment
The PIP organisers are like in a mad rash to eliminate as much disabled people as they can
+2 #1 Mike 2019-02-24 08:54
I did see that on the news ,or part of it .
I felt sad for Ms Smith and her family ,may she rest in peace .

Also glad that the panel found in Ms Smith's favour against Capita.
Hopefully setting a precedent for more people get help to sue these assessments maladministrato r companies.
Or is that wishful thinking on my part. 8)

Keep up the good work

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