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More than 375,000 PIP claimants have been given ‘ongoing’ awards of the benefit, meaning that their award is ongoing but will be subject to a ‘light touch’ review after 10 years.

Back in January we published guidance issued to decision makers on how to decide who should be subject to a light PIP touch review.

And in March, we covered Rudd’s announcement that many PIP pensioners would be covered by the light touch guidance.

The latest figures for ongoing awards were revealed in a written answer to MPs by Justin Tomlinson, minister for disabled people, earlier this month. He stated:

“Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is not based on condition or on whether it is or isn’t lifelong, instead being based on the daily living or mobility needs arising. Between April 2013 and 31st January 2019, 375,550 PIP claimants were awarded an ongoing award at their initial decision. Ongoing awards do not have an end date, but will be subject to a light touch review at the 10-year point.

“Ongoing awards have been a feature of PIP since it was introduced in 2013. The change introduced last year provides clearer guidance on the process for Case Managers to follow and will ensure that those receiving the maximum support under PIP, and where their needs will not improve or deteriorate – such as those with a severe or progressive condition - receive an ongoing award with a light touch review at the ten-year point.”

The statement is available from the parliament.uk website.

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