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Just 8% of disallowed personal independence payment (PIP) claims were overturned at appeal in 2017/18 according to figures released this month by Justin Tomlinson, minister for disabled people. The small percentage suggests many claimants who are entitled to PIP are missing out.

According to Tomlinson, where PIP was disallowed the following percentages of decisions were overturned on appeal:

2014/15 5%

2015/16 7%

2016/17 9%

2017/18 8%

However, set against these figures is the fact that over 70% of claimants who appeal a PIP decision are successful.

If only 8% of disallowances are being successfully challenged but 70% of appeals are successful, it seems beyond doubt that many of the claimants who were refused PIP on initial claim would have got an award if they had battled through to an oral hearing.

Unfortunately, many claimants find the prospect of challenging a decision, especially if they cannot get help, too overwhelming to contemplate. Others simply assume that the system is rigged against them and feel there is no point in fighting.

You can read Tomlinson’s full answer here.


#3 TwistedWitch 2019-06-13 10:02
Thanks Charlotte. I was thinking about this when I read another similar article on this the other day and I wondered if the 8% overturned on appeal is because only,for example, 12% actually appealed and of those 72% were successful, making the overall figures 8% of disallowed overturned on appeal because the other approx 88%, based on my assumptive figures above, didn't bother, or rather lacked the energy to appeal!
#2 Charlotte 2019-06-13 01:54
It may be that 'disallowances' means claimants who were awarded zero points on all descriptors, whereas the 70% who are successful at appeal did originally receive an award of some sort and appealed believing they were entitled to a higher award. Hope that makes sense!
#1 TwistedWitch 2019-05-23 09:22
Am I being somehow stupid here... how can ONLY 8% of disallowed claims be overturned on appeal and in the same breath 70% of people who go to appeal are successful. I am sure it's just me being stupid, but can someone please explain the difference between disallowed claims being overturned at appeal and people going to appeal winning 70% of claims.

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