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A claimant with only months to live who received a PIP review letter has vowed to fight to raise awareness of the unfairness of the system.

Ron Stevenson, 69, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease ten years ago. He is now almost completely paralysed and relies on help from carers and his wife. He receives the highest rates of PIP.

In spite of the fact that MND is a progressive illness, last month Ron received a letter telling him that a reassessment of his PIP would now take place and that if he did not respond he would lose his award.

Ron explained:

“The letter said if you do not reply then on 29 July your payments will stop.

“Obviously I’m aware that this is something that can happen, but it was still a shock.

“People with motor neurone disease never get better. There is only one outcome and that is death.

“Anyone with a grain of sense would’ve realised anyone paralysed and life limited as I am cannot be anything other than eligible.”

Ron contacted his MP and also obtained a DS1500 form, which states that a patient’s death is likely within the next six months, from his GP.

The DWP then relented, though still insisted that a further review would take place in 3 years time.

Ron, however, is fighting to raise awareness of the cruelty of putting people through the stress of reassessment when their condition is one which can only ever get worse.

Ron said:

"We were promised by the government that the reassessment for benefits would stop in 2016 - this has been broken.

"I'm working to raise awareness, we won't stop fighting, despite the fact the disability is fatiguing.

"I have lost the use of my limbs, but I shall use my voice, while my friends can no longer."

You can read more on this story in the Independent and in the Mirror.

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