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DWP statistics released this week reveal a dramatic fall in the success rate for personal independence payment claims both for new claimants and for DLA to PIP reassessments.

The award rate for new claims for PIP since it was introduced stands at 42%, including withdrawn claims.

However, this average disguises the reality that the award rate has fallen to just 34% for both March and April 2019, the most recent months for which figures are available.

This means that there is now just over a 1 in 3 chance of a new claimant getting an award of PIP.

There is bad news for DLA to PIP reassessments as well.

The award rate for reassessments is 71% since the the first decisions were made in January 2014.

But in March of this year the success rate was just 60% and in April it had dropped to 56%.

The DWP have offered no explanation for such a marked fall in success rates.

You can download the latest PIP statistics from this link.


#3 Telestar 2019-09-25 07:17
I have been waiting for my PIP claim to be decided since beginning of July. If this takes much longer I think I will withdraw it. I sometimes wonder that it is hung out so long so the agency can keep the charges coming in. If then I get a refusal then a reconsideration and an appeal it looks like about £5000 in costs.
#2 Laurie Easom 2019-08-14 18:34
I have been in receipt of Low rate Care and High rate Mobility (DLA) FOR for the past10 years and it was stated indefinitely. Undertook the dreaded PIP assessment to be told I have been given no mobility element and standard rate care. I have a motability car which is my only means of getting around. I am devastated and really dont know what to do next. Any help, advice or support would be welcomed, thanks, Laurie
#1 LewBoy 2019-06-20 00:04
i think its appalling how the DWP deny people money when they are obviously ill or disabled, They should be ashamed of themselves, took me two attempts to get PIP, first time got denied, and then second time i got it, but only because i didnt give in, hard not too. This was even after i had sent in over 70 letters of evidence. Why can't they stop this horrible persecution????

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