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The percentage of claimants winning their PIP and ESA appeal tribunals has risen to 74%, according to the latest figures released by the Tribunals Service.

The figures, which cover the period January to March 2019, show that the number of social security appeals lodged has fallen by 18%, compared to the same period a year ago. There were a total of 50,000 appeals lodged.

Of those that went to a hearing, 70% of all social security appeals resulted in the claimant winning, up from 66% last year.

Success rates for ESA are at 74%, up from 70% from the same period last year.

Success rates for PIP are also at 74%, up from 71% from the same period last year.

DLA success rates are at 66% and UC at 63%.

The number of ESA appeals, however, is down 39%, while PIP appeals were down by 9%.

PIP appeals now make up over half (53%) of all social security appeals.

The average waiting time for an appeal to be heard is now 30 weeks, up five weeks on last year.

The full tribunal statistics quarterly can be found on this page.


#2 Ann marie 2019-07-11 07:18
the only fraudsters are the government id like to know who holds them accountable for our human right breaches? i thought they are the queens government so she is allowing this to happen as well why can i not find out when my tribunal at chesterfield will be heard and to all doctors you need to go back to university as pip assessors know more
#1 kris 2019-06-20 11:24
If you come across anyone who thinks that appealing is a waste of time, please do put them straight.
The problem is that for some people - myself included, the stress and anxiety the process involves is just too much for us to cope with. I lost my mobility component when moving from DLA to PIP but the application procedure and 'interview' was so stressful I honestly just can't face the appeals procedure.

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