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The DWP have today begun a pilot for moving legacy benefit claimants onto universal credit (UC).

The pilot is taking place in Harrogate and will involve a total of 10,000 claimants. It may extend to further sites as the pilot progresses.

Regulations to allow the start of the trial of the managed migration to UC were pushed through parliament this week without allowing MPs the chance to vote on them, even though such a vote had previously been promised.

Amber Rudd told MPs:

“The Department will continue to work closely with expert stakeholders to ensure that the pilot supports the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach claimants. Claimants who are moved to universal credit will be eligible for transitional financial protection to safeguard their legacy entitlement. They will also have access to additional financial support before they receive their first universal credit payment, including the two-week run-on of housing benefit and the discretionary hardship payment, as well as advances.

“Let me reiterate that the Department does not intend to stop the benefits of anyone who participates in the pilot. Instead, we will be testing how we can encourage and support those who move over to universal credit, without halting their benefits. This listen-and-adapt, evidence-based approach is the right way in which to deliver universal credit.”


+1 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2019-07-24 18:05
Another Tory pilot scheme, that's not fit for purpose.

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