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27 September 2007
Jobcentre Plus is inviting advice workers to an event aimed at reducing 'economic inactivity' in priority areas in Wales at which the keynote speaker will be Unum Provident sponsored Professor Mansel Aylward.

The event, entitled 'Working together to tackle Economic Inactivity in Porth, Cymmer, Porth, Tylorstown and Ynyshir' is being held in Porth Plaza, Porth on 19 October between 11.45 and 3.30. Lucky delegates will hear a 30 minute address from the esteemed professor, who has featured frequently on this site, on the topic of 'Shifting attitude to Work and Health.'

Benefits and Work is offering a handsome £20 cheque to the first representative of any agency to put the following question to the Prof and get an answer:

"Given that your research is funded by an employment related health insurance company with a vested interest in seeing as many people as possible found fit for work, why should we treat your presence here with anything but suspicion?"

Chris Bryant, Labour MP for the Rhondda, will also be addressing the event on the subject of 'The Way Forward' Another handsome £20 cheque will be presented to the person who publicly asks the esteemed MP:

'Why should we trust a government which believes the way forward is to use lie detectors on disabled claimants?"

Any report back from the event will be gratefully received.

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