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The Labour Party would fund 200 new community lawyers and a network of People’s Law Centres if they won power at the next election.

Richard Burgon, Labour shadow justice secretary, says the party would provide free legal training for 200 community lawyers over the course of the next parliament.

They would also provide £20 million to fund People’s Law Centres where people can get help with benefits, housing, debt, immigration, asylum discrimination and other issues.

Richard Burgon MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, said:

“The Tories have deliberately undermined people’s ability to get the legal help they often desperately need. That has allowed lousy landlords, bullying bosses, and even the government itself, to trample on people’s rights for far too long.

“When people lack the money or the knowledge to enforce their rights, those rights are not worth the paper they are written on. We will put an end to that and ensure that justice serves the people, not just a privileged few.

“With a new generation of Community Lawyers and People’s Law Centres we’ll help those targeted by the Conservatives’ cuts to fight back, defend their hard-won rights and secure the justice they deserve.”

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