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Are you a professional looking for training in PIP, or another benefits subject.

Our PIP course in Nottingham has only one place left and we are now looking to book another venue to put on an open-training course.

So, if you’d welcome the chance to attend one of our training days, just fill in our brief online form to give us some details about what you are looking for.

Completing the form doesn’t commit you to anything.

But it does give us an idea of whether there are sufficient numbers of people looking for training in your part of the country to make an open-training day viable.

Our benefits training form takes only a minute to complete.


#1 Catherine Dafydd 2019-10-16 14:26
UC/ESA training please. I know a lot about PIP in order to assist claimants in the CESA but nothing at all about UC/ESA and all I do currently is guide them to these guidance docs. I’d like to be as knowledgable about it as I am about PIP! Training in Cardiff or Bristol would be fabulous.

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