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The DWP have launched their own Facebook page,

According to the DWP magazine Touchbase, the purpose of the page, ‘DWP Benefits Information’, is to “help people easily find benefits and services information.”

This means the page is largely devoted to publicising DWP schemes such as Access To Work and to signposting to resources such as a pension calculator.

Visitors can’t post on the DWP’s timeline and benefits queries will not be answered.

The page is a pilot which will run until February 2020

At the time of writing the DWP have 674 people following their page.

And, according to Facebook, pages related to the DWP include the Dog and Gun public house in Keswick (which has a lot more followers than the DWP), the Royal Oak in Ambleside, the Property Mentor page for would-be speculators and the Walking Dad which is a page run by a dad who . . . walks.


#2 wobblin 2019-10-29 10:16
Comments do appear to be enabled on this page now. Is it DWP incompetence, sheer bare-faced arrogance, or a sneaky facebook trawl to out 'bolshy' claimants for further investigation? It's probably a bit of everything.

Much respect to those who are now daring to comment negatively (ie truthfully) on this pathetic PR exercise. I'm not brave enough to do it myself.
#1 Mr B 2019-10-23 20:55
I very much doubt that thee'ill be a rush of claimants to 'follow' their page!!

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