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Campaigners have criticised the BBC and Channel 4 for airing similar ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentaries based inside jobcentres, which are likely to cover-up the misery caused by Universal Credit (UC).

The Disability News Service reports that Channel 4 is filming a six part documentary at Southern House jobcentre in Leeds over the next five months. Jobcentre staff have been told by the DWP that it will follow “the journeys of customers, the relationships between customers and Work Coaches, and showcasing the breadth of support we offer”.

Meanwhile, the BBC is filming a three part documentary in Liverpool jobcentres which will “take a fresh look” at the support provided under universal credit, “as well as exploring the human stories of some of the 78,000 people who work in the DWP” and “the personal stories of the claimants and their families contending with their claims”.

The PCS union has warned staff that they may be disciplined if they say anything critical of the DWP.

Jennifer Jones, from Disabled People Against Cuts Sheffield, which first obtained the leaked DWP memo earlier this year, said the documentaries were “designed to manipulate public perception into believing that universal credit is a good and successful welfare system despite the overwhelming evidence to contradict that”.

You can read the full story on the Disability News Service website.


#2 Michelle McGowan 2020-07-29 02:50
Ive been waiting for result of mandatory reconsideration for nearly 3 years! Theyve said lets forget that and start afresh!! A year vanished off my UC account and asked where it was. I wasnt on it then apparantly! If u going to wipe a year off dont send me letters proving I was on it. Finally a work coach said this is all wrong and tried to help me and they stopped her seeing me! Bin trying to fight all this for 3 years now! Can't get any help from a professional person who they will listen to. I wont give up though no matter how long they try fobbing me off! The workcoach who realised what they have been doing told me to screenshot all my online journal as things disappear. I told her I have done that from day one and still cant get help! Its disgusting!
+2 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2019-11-19 14:44
Utter waste of public monies, which will not show or reflect the truth and misery caused by the DWP.

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