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The Green Party has now published its manifesto, which includes details of its policy on benefits.

The Green Party say they will introduce a “Universal Basic Income (UBI), an unconditional financial payment to everyone at a level above their subsistence needs”

The adult rate of UBI would be £89 a week.

The pensioner rate would be £178 a week.

The manifesto also includes undertakings to:

  • Replace Universal Credit and the cruel benefit sanctions regime.
  • Increasing the Living Wage to £12 and extending it to workers aged between 16 and 21.
  • Provide a supplement to UBI for people with disabilities. This will help restore the benefits withdrawn from disabled people over the past ten years, providing more financial security.
  • Continue to pay a full Carers Allowance to carers, on top of the UBI payment.

You can download a copy of the manifesto from this link.

Error: this article has been updated on 20/11 after we referenced the previous Green Party manifesto .


+3 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2019-11-19 14:46
Now why can't the Tories do this, with effect immediately?

Problem with this is ! the Lib Dems have no chance in getting into power.

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