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The Brexit Party released their ‘contract’ today which sets out their priorities for the next government.

There is very little in the document specifically aimed at benefits claimants.

All the Brexit contract offers is to

  • Support those who have paid into the system with accelerated payment processes (five-week maximum), and continue to root out fraud.
  • Undertake a 12-month review of the system and bring in reforms within two years.
  • Review the position of women unexpectedly short-changed by recent rises in the state pension age.
  • Extend the use of dormant funds to support civil society.

You can download a copy of the Brexit Party contract from this link


+2 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2019-11-22 15:51
Now we are all waiting in anticipation to see what the nasty Tory party is going to offer in their manifesto, as in regards to the ill/ sick/ disabled.

Obviously it's a no brainer, ie no stopping ATOS/MAXIMUS/CA PITA Contracts.

No stopping inhumane WCA's.

No stopping PIP assessments.

No stopping UC.

No stopping pilot schemes, which are not fit for purpose.

In fact no stopping nothing, but making life more difficult and full of misery for us all as per usual.

It's a no brainer simply don't vote Tories, and even the Brexit party seems very much like the Tories manifesto when it comes to us the ill/sick/disabl ed.

Tories may get us out of the EU, but then the cost of all those countless billions wasted by our politicians over the last 3.5 years will need repaying back to balance the books.

And guess who will pay it back. Yes that's right the Tories will introduce more reforms and more cut backs, and it will be us the
ill/sick/disabl ed vulnerable people of society in Britain who will foot the bill. Not the elite, not the rich, not the billion pound tax evaders, just you and I the poor people who have to struggle in life.

Be careful who you vote for, and good luck on 12th Dec 2019.

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