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Plaid Cymru published their election manifesto yesterday It contains few detailed proposals in relation to welfare benefits.

Plaid Cymru say they will press for welfare powers to be devolved to allow them to make changes to a wide variety of benefits..

However, there are very few concrete examples of the changes they would actually make, although they do say they would:

  • Introduce a new £35 a week payment for every child in low income families.
  • Introduce a new tax credit of up to £25 a week to households paying over 30% of their income on private rent.
  • Permanently remove the bedroom tax.

You can download the full Plaid Cymru manifesto from this link


#1 Jacqueline 1961 2019-11-27 19:57
My vote was already sealed for labour even before their manifesto, as I would rather stab knitting needles in my ears than to vote for the liar Tory party! I pray JC does it this time yes it’ would be fantastic for all people who claim benefits and disability but not just that, for me he is a genuine man who wants everyone in society to prosper, there maybe one or two policies I’m not sure about but that’s ok. I’m staunch labour always have been and always will be! Go Jeremy!!

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