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A fantastic response by Benefits and Work readers has smashed the £3,000 target of a crowdfunding appeal to outlaw mandatory reconsiderations.

A fortnight ago we asked readers to help fund a judicial review of the cruel mandatory reconsideration system which discourages hundreds of thousands of claimants from pursuing an appeal that most would win.

Michael Connor, a former welfare rights worker, needed a minimum of £3,000 to cover court costs for bringing the challenge.

When we asked for your support in the newsletter, readers had already helped Connor get over the first hurdle of raising £770 for the initial court fees.

But on the day that the newsletter went out, readers donated an astonishing £5,000 within 24 hours.

When the crowdfunder ended last week, a total of £7,510 had been given.

178 messages of support had also been left, leaving Connor in no doubt about the level of support for his legal challenge.

Comments included:

“An amazing cause - so many people I know have been caught by this. It never occurred to me that there could be a legal challenge. Go for it!”

“Good luck. Mandatory reconsiderations are a fraudulent way of putting claimants off appealing and often leave claimants destitute.”

“I'm supporting this - my brother felt he could not go through a cynical mandatory appeal and therefore suffered financially as a result. I hope this helps others to be in a better place.”

Thanking our readers for their help, Connor told us:

“I still cannot quite believe the amount of support.

“The support from donations and encouraging comments for my case has meant the world to me. I have been informed that the DWP have employed two barristers to oppose my case. But they will not undermine my determination to fight and win this case. The court fees are paid. I have the finance to pay for any court filing, court order application and appeals if needed.

“I am so grateful and energised by the support for not now my, but our, case.”

We’ll keep readers informed about the progress of the case.

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