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Almost half of disability living allowance (DLA) to personal independence payment (PIP) claimants have had their benefit reduced or stopped altogether according to data published by the DWP last month.

According to the statistics, by the end of October 2019, 1,424,000 DLA reassessment claims to PIP had been cleared.

Of these, 47% had their benefit reduced or stopped.

The full breakdown of the figures is as follows:

  • 556,000 (39%) had their benefit increased
  • 200,000 (14%) had their benefit left unchanged
  • 306,000 (22%) had their benefit decreased, but not stopped altogether
  • 293,000 (21%) were disallowed after referral for assessment
  • 58,000 (4%) were disallowed before referral for assessment
  • 9,000 (1%) withdrew their claim.

413,000 (29%) of claimants were awarded PIP at the highest rate (enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility components). This compares with 226,000 (16%) under DLA.

Claimants with learning difficulties were the most likely to receive an increased award (54%).

Claimants most likely to have their awarded stopped were those with psycho neurosis (40% stopped) and psychosis (38% stopped).

You can download the latest PIP statistics from this link.

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