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The Tribunals Service is introducing further changes to the appeal process as part of its drive to move tribunals online.

New paper appeal form

Later this month a new paper appeals form, the SSCS1PE, will replace the current SSCS1 form for people who do not make use of the ‘Appeal a decision online’ service.

The layout of the new paper form will mirror the sequence of screens used in the online form. This will allow appeal forms to be bulk scanned and digitised by the Tribunals Service and then forwarded to the DWP by email.

The new forms will be sent to a different address, that of the bulk scanning supplier.

Old forms sent to the old address will still be accepted, but will take longer to process.

Submit Your Appeal (SYA)

The Submit Your Appeal (SYA) service, which allows claimants to submit their appeal online rather than on paper, already accounts for over half of all new PIP, ESA and UC appeals.

There is now a ‘Save and Return’ feature which allows claimants to pause and revisit part completed appeal requests later.

DWP digital submissions

The Tribunals Service and the DWP have been working on a system which will allow the DWP to make their appeal submission entirely in digital format. The system is currently being tested and is expected to be rolled-out across the country this year.

Manage Your Appeal (MYA)

Manage Your Appeal (MYA) will allow appellants not only to submit and track their appeal online but also to carry out other actions that are currently only possible on paper. This will include submitting further evidence and withdrawing an appeal. Appellants will still be able to write letters and submit paper evidence even if they have signed up for MYA. The new service is due to go live soon.


#3 Bud 2020-01-19 15:50
I prefer doing everything online, so no messing around filling in forms by hand & sending them through the post & worrying if they’ve arrived. At least if they say they never received anything we can just post it off again with a simple click of the button.
#2 telfordr 2020-01-15 12:02
Any idea where we can download a copy of the new SSCS1PE form and do we have an address for posting it off?
+2 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-01-13 13:31
So we are expected to be computer wizards, and all have Internet connections, and computerised equipment's.

This has been implemented so that claimants get so stressed out, with the Technology, that they are faced with no choice but to not appeal.

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