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A vulnerable claimant starved to death after having his ESA stopped, Disability News Service has revealed.

Errol Graham, 57, was a vulnerable claimant with a history of serious mental health issues which had led to his being sectioned in the past.

He had been in receipt of benefits for many years because his condition meant he could not work.

In August 2017 he failed to attend a work capability assessment.

The DWP made two home visits to Errol but got no response.

They then stopped his ESA in October 2017 and made no attempt to contact social services or any other agency, in spite of the fact that he was now a vulnerable claimant with no means of support.

The local authority then stopped his housing benefit and Errol had also previously been refused PIP.

Still no attempt was made to contact social services or any other agency.

The only people who came to his door were the bailiffs in June 2018, when they broke it down to evict him from his council flat for non-payment of rent.

But when they got inside they found the emaciated body of Errol, who had died weighing just four and a half stone.

The coroner at Errol’s inquest last year said that the “safety net that should surround vulnerable people like Errol in our society had holes within it”.

However, she decided not to write a prevention of future deaths report telling the DWP what steps it should take to improve its system, because the DWP insisted it was already reviewing its safeguarding system and would complete a review in the Autumn.

There is still no sign of that review.

The DWP employed a leading barrister at taxpayers expense to represent them at the inquest.

Errol’s family could not afford legal representation of any sort.

You can read the full story on the DNS website.


#5 Mr B 2020-02-01 21:29
Asinine? lol very good Remix! I remain committed to the views I expressed in my post however I do of course realise that on this, and just about everything else, people can, and often do, have widely differing views!

'Labour would have abolished the WCA.' We - apart from the gifted fortune tellers amongst us - do not KNOW with certainty what WILL happen in the future let alone what 'would' have happened! What we DO know though is that Labour introduced ESA when they WERE in office and they did not abolish it when they were in office either.. We also don't know what the Labour party's policies on welfare, or indeed anything else, will be in the run up to the next general election. Following their devastating defeat at the last general election we do not know whether Labour's policies will change yet again do we, after all their current policies, and for whatever reason or reasons, were resoundingly defeated at the general election. I voted for Labour, and am very disappointed they lost, but they do of course need to get into government again to put their policies, whatever they are at the time, into practise!
#4 Remix 2020-02-01 14:51
NEW Labour introduced the Work Capability Assessment "test" and biopsychosocial model as used by disability denialist specialists Unum in the USA, who were consulted by the gov. They also introduced private contracts for the NHS and PFI, extraordinary rendition, imprisonment without trial, a war in Iraq despite national protests...

So New Labour, who Tony Blair said were continuing Thatchers work! .. are certainly guilty of engineering a system to take claimants down a bad path, but to compare New Labour to the Tories is asinine.. the Tories are taking it the next level... routinely committing unlawful acts, doing their upmost to avoid transparency, gaming the system to prevent justice, outright lying, and displaying callous indifference to the suffering of disabled people ( don't you just love the gov's spokespersons nonchalant responses to serious matters ) - utilising strategies that bear some resemblance to the T4 Aitkon program which was the precursor to the holocaust!! The German SS used propaganda, "assessment centres", which were quite rightly dreaded, where disabled peoples fates were decided by completely ignoring doctors advice.. and the public were blissfully ignorant of this at the time..

As most are today. If you try to explain that peoples demises are "being assisted" on a massive scale to someone who has being indoctrinated by the propaganda expect to be scoffed at.. despite the research from Oxford academics showing a direct link to Tory policies, causing deaths on a mass scale..

Labour would have abolished the WCA, and possibly have kept us in the EU and if not - maintained equivalence with their human rights laws, instead I think we can expect expect FOI to be done away with, sovereign laws to be changed to remove safeguards and rights, an even more brutal structuring of the benefits/health support system, that more closely resembles the USA or third countries..

Please tell me I'm wrong..
#3 Mr B 2020-01-29 17:15
Quoting donut16:
another tory death; when will lives matter?

Yes another death, this time under a Tory government, ESA however was introduced by a LABOUR government and sadly there were 'Labour deaths' to re ESA and of course before the Tories came into office in 2010! The Tories took up ESA with relish but it was a LABOUR government who 'created' the ESA abomination to 'hand over' to the Tories! It's not just Tory governments that are capable of this wickedness. Labour governments were too, as were the Lib Dems when in coalition. I urge people to think again if they think everything benefits-wise would be all sweetness and light if only we didn't have a Tory government now. I don't think they would and I'm most definitely NOT a Tory supporter either!
#2 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-01-29 12:56
No lives matter to the DWP. Sadly this case and many others prove that fact.
+2 #1 donut16 2020-01-29 09:11
another tory death; when will lives matter?

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