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Figures released by the DWP show that Atos yet again failed to meet its target for acceptable PIP assessment reports in 2019. Only 64% of reports were fully acceptable without any qualification.

The figures show that 4% of all reports that were audited were deemed unacceptable. The target for Atos is for less than 3% of all reports to be unacceptable.

A further 16% were acceptable only with amendments.

Another 16% were acceptable, but it was considered that the health professional required feedback to improve the quality of their reports.

This means that just 64% of all PIP reports by Atos were deemed acceptable without any qualification.

It should be noted that the Work and Pensions Committee has said of the standards:

“The Department’s quality standards for PIP and ESA set a low bar for what are considered acceptable reports. The definition of “acceptable” leaves ample room for reports to be riddled with obvious errors and omissions.”

So, even the figure of 64% acceptable is likely to be a long way from what most people would regard as the truth.

You can read the full figures here:


+1 #1 Bud 2020-02-04 07:53
What about CAPITA?

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