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The Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) are consulting on how the DWP should involve disabled people in changing how it works. They especially want to hear from you if you have taken part in a previous DWP consultation exercise.

SSAC stress that in this case they are not looking for views about social security benefits, but about how you think DWP listens to feedback from disabled people or involves disabled people, and any ways in which this might be improved.

So, if you have been involved in a DWP consultation exercise in the past , perhaps by emailing your views or taking part in a survey, SSAC would like to know things like:

To what degree have there been benefits from engaging with DWP?

Have you seen any tangible improvements to policies or practices for disabled people following your engagement with DWP? If so, could you set out what these are? If not, what were the tangible improvements that you expected to see?

Has DWP provided feedback to you on improvements the department made as a result of engagement with stakeholders?

Following your engagement, did DWP give you the opportunity to comment on draft proposals before final decisions were taken?

Based on your experiences, would you wish to engage with the DWP in future?

You can download details of the consultation and how to take part here.

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