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Form Heading

14 June 2007

Benefits and Work has now obtained and published copies of issues 70 through to 74 of Decision Makers Exchange (DME), the confidential newsletter sent out to DLA decision makers.

DME goes out to DLA/AA decision makers every month telling them what they've been getting wrong and warning them of changes to the system. Perhaps rehearsing for the day when the Freedom of Information Act may be effectively repealed, the DWP have failed to send us copies of the Decision Makers Exchange (DME) for several months.

However, the latest editions of DME are now available in the members area and include information on:

  • Appeal letters do not need to contain the words 'I wish to appeal' or similar.
  • Where medical evidence is required to determine a new claim for DLA a copy of any IB85 incapacity for work medical report should be obtained if one has been carried out in the last 6 months.
  • Problems with obtaining hospital factual reports and how to deal with them.
  • Instruction to decision makers not to use the British National Formulary website
  • Agoraphobia: Repeated awards for two years should not be given automatically.
  • Request to be informed of tribunal cases suitable for taking forward to the Commissioners in relation to:
    Help to perform domestic tasks for people with sensory impairments;
    Help for a person with mental impairment so that they can interact more effectively with others.

Members can download the latest copies of DME.

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