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The DWP has hired market research firm Ipsos MORI to carry out a survey of PIP and universal credit claimants who have challenged a decision about their benefits. The DWP say the purpose of the survey is to help improve the service, but many will suspect it is an attempt to try to improve the reputation of a process that is regarded as deeply unfair.

A Benefits and Work member has received a letter from the DWP and Ipsos MORI headed:

DWP Claimant Service and Experience Survey – Mandatory Reconsideration 2020

The letter says that the DWP has asked Ipsos MORI ‘to help them understand the experience of people who have disagreed with a decision that has been made regarding their benefit claim and to help the Department improve the services they offer’

Claimants are being selected from a database held by the DWP containing all those who have disagreed with a decision that has been made regarding their PIP or UC claim since April 2019.

Rather than this being an opt-in survey, claimants who are contacted but who do not wish to take part in the survey have to opt out, by phoning or emailing Ipsos MORI or they will be contacted anyway.

Claimants are told they can have someone with them and they can stop the interview at any time if they wish to.

If any claimant decides to record their interview or takes notes, Benefits and Work would be fascinated to hear what questions are being asked.

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