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Benefits and Work has obtained figures for the level of ‘Unacceptable’ and ‘Acceptable with amendments’ PIP reports created by Capita that show remarkable similarities to the figures for IAS (Atos).

Last May, the results of audits of IAS PIP reports were obtained by an MP.

This month, Benefits and Work obtained the figures for Capita.

These show that, for the period April 2018 to March 2019:

Acceptable reports for Capita were 64.4%. For IAS 63.6%

Acceptable with feedback reports for Capita were 16.7%. For IAS 17%.

Acceptable with amendments reports for Capita were 15.5%. For IAS 15.1%

Unacceptable reports for Capita were 3.3%. For IAS 4.25%.

Back in May, we argued that it was shameful that almost 1 in 5 IAS PIP reports were either unacceptable, or were only acceptable after changes had been made to them.

We can now say precisely the same thing about Capita reports.

But we can also add that it also seems remarkable that the audited figures are so strikingly similar for two entirely different agencies working independently of each other.

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