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A Benefits and Work member has been told by the chair of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee that an enquiry into disability benefits assessments is likely before the summer break.

Our member contacted the chair of the committee, Stephen Timms, with concerns about the PIP assessments and the work capability assessment.

He has now heard back from Timms, who told him that the committee had undertaken a very informative evidence session on PIP and ESA assessments in March, which you can watch here.

Timms went on to say that he envisaged that, before the summer break, the committee will launch an enquiry on disability benefits assessments.

We’ll let you know if the enquiry does take place and we hope many Benefits and Work members will be willing to share their experiences with MPs.


#1 Floss 2020-04-22 20:39
I had a PIP assessment shortly before Christmas and was actually looking forward to it, as having been on the benefit for over 20 years, my conditions had worsened, and I hoped to get an increase in my PIP. However, my (home) assessment was a shambles from start to finish. It would take too long to explain it all here. Unsurprisingly, I then not only didn't get an increase in PIP but lost my entitlement altogether. We not only appealed but contacted our MP about it. He took it up with the DWP, whose response was that it has nothing to do with them as they contract out the assessments, so contact them instead!

With the current situation, I've no idea when we will hear about our appeal. It is a double blow, as not only have I lost my PIP, but my son moved up here to us (200 miles from his home) and gave up his job at the same time, so as to be able to look after me as I can no longer do much for myself. He was expecting to claim Carer's Allowance, but had it refused as I've lost my PIP.

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