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The tribunals service have issued new guidelines which say that PIP claimants who have had their PIP award removed can be considered for ‘urgent’ hearings.

The guidelines, dated 15 April 2020, say that the most urgent hearings are for claimants who have no benefit in payment at all.

According to the Tribunals Service:

“This will have arisen from Universal Credit and Jobseeker Allowance sanctions and failure to attend a medical assessment when benefit is stopped for a period and can have immediate knock-on effects in relation to Housing Benefit leading to repossession of the home.

The guidelines go on to say that the next most urgent cases are in relation to PIP, where benefit was in payment but has been removed, usually because of a revision or supersession.

“Particular urgency arises when appellants, who may already have severe illness, including severe mental illness, realise that their appeal may not go ahead as planned because of the restrictions in face to face hearings that are not remote.”

If you have had your PIP taken away from you and you are waiting for an appeal date, you can contact the Tribunals Service and ask for an urgent hearing, giving your reasons.

A judge sitting alone will consider the issue, just on the papers.

The judge has the power to make an immediate decision completely in your favour. Alternatively the judge can arrange for a telephone hearing of your case.

You can download the guidance from this link  Please note, this link no longer appears to be working.  The document may have been removed.

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#1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-04-28 22:10
Why was the doc removed??

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