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What sort of PIP hearing will you have?

At one time, this was a straightforward question to answer.

If you had followed our guidance you would have asked for an oral hearing and, in due course you would have received a letter telling you that you hearing had been listed to be heard at a named venue, at a given date and time in front of a panel of three tribunal members.

But things have changed a great deal.

Now, even if you ask for an oral hearing there’s a very good chance you will get a paper one.

The decision will be a provisional one and you will be told of your right to agree with it or to ask for it to be set aside.

Or, at least you should be, we’ve already seen a decision where this didn’t happen.

If you ask for a set aside you will then get an oral hearing.

But it will almost certainly be a remote one, either by telephone or, less likely, by video link.

And the tribunal panel may not be a panel at all.

It may be a judge sitting alone.

Or it may be two people.

It might even be three.

Our updated, expanded guide to PIP mandatory reconsiderations and appeals for claimants will help you successfully work your way through the new process.

It includes new information on:

How to ask for an urgent appeal

What to do if you ask for an oral hearing but end up with a paper appeal decision

How to ask for a set aside

How to prepare for a telephone hearing.

You can download the updated guide from the PIP page in the members area.

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