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Claimants and support workers who want to learn about changes to PIP caused by the coronavirus emergency can register for our free webinars.

It can be extremely difficult to work out what is happening to your benefits during the current emergency.

Changes to PIP claims, assessments and appeals are not being documented by the DWP in a clear and consistent manner.

We are reduced to listening to recorded messages on DWP answering machines and trying to interpret off the cuff comments by ministers, because up-to-date guidance is not being published by the department.

If you are struggling to understand what has changed and how, our webinars will help.

They last 40 minutes and are entirely free.

Claimants and carers PIP webinar, 2pm on Monday 11 May

This webinar is open to all claimants and carers. You can post a question at the bottom of the registration page, though we can't guarantee to answer them all.

Professionals PIP webinar, 2pm on Friday 15th May

This webinar is aimed at staff who offer support with PIP in the course of their work. Registrations will only be accepted if you register using your work email address. You can post a question at the bottom of the registration page though we can't guarantee to answer them all. The content is the same as the claimants and carers webinar, but the questions answered may be different.


0 #1 nata 2020-05-11 13:17
Hi,need your support,please.

I just received PIP decision and was not awarded enough points.
There are a lot of inaccurate information on the report, also some details from the phone conversation were not outlined.
Please advise.

Thank you

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