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Can you help other claimants by sharing your experience, in an anonymous survey, of claiming the PIP mobility component on mental health grounds?

After each free webinar we have run since lockdown, we have asked participants what other topics they would like webinars on.

Claiming PIP on mental health grounds has consistently come out as the favourite choice.

We’re not surprised about this. It’s a complex area of law and probably represents the biggest change between the qualifying criteria for DLA and PIP.

And we know that this is an area that assessors often don’t seem to understand or want to explore.

As respondents to our PIP telephone assessments survey told us:

“She asked if I could walk whatever distance. I can physically but due to my mental state (agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks etc) no I can’t most of the time but Didn’t get a chance to explain because she fired another question before I could think. That was the same for most of it if not all.”

“Mostly not relevant to me - most of the questions were about mobility aids, but as I was applying based on mental health, it wasn't applicable. She didn't ask if I could go on public transport or plan a journey or follow a map etc. only if I could get to the car without falling over.”

Work on the new webinar is well underway and we hope to be running the first one on this topic in less than a month.

In the meantime, however, it would be really helpful if we could hear from you if you have claimed, or attempted to claim PIP mobility on mental health or learning difficulties grounds.

The survey has just 12 multiple choice questions, with the option to add more details if you choose.

Most people will complete it in under 5 minutes – though we’re more than happy for you to take a lot longer if there’s lots you want to share.

Your experiences and insights will be used to help other claimants who are about to begin the claims process themselves.

You can start the survey by following this link:


Please feel free to share the link if you visit other sites or forums where it might be of interest.


#1 Karen 2021-08-11 16:27
I have just received a copy of my telephone assessment that I had last week. I feel sick to read what has been ticked at the end. I explained that I am unable to leave the house without my husband and that this has been the situation since the death of my mum last year just before the pandemic. Yet she has ticked that I can follow the route of a journey unaided. I am already in receipt of standard mobility and care. I have battled Bipolar Disorder since I was 17 years old, I am now almost 53 years old. Her attitude to me was nothing short of disgusting. I was in tears for most of the assessment. She was demanding to know the date I was diagnosed with the menopause which anybody would know this simply does not happen. A gp assumes and offers help. I just feel so stressed out with all this and I'm angry to think she can just say and do what she wants. I called Dwp the day after the assessment and even they didn't have a good word to say about the assessors.

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