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Form Heading

With today’s announcement that social distancing is soon to be reduced from 2 metres to 1metre and the refusal of the DWP to make any announcement, even though the initial three month ban on face-to-face assessments has ended, many people suspect that they are about to make a return.

Opinions have been divided amongst our readers, with some much preferring telephone assessments and others feeling that if the assessor can’t see you they can’t get an accurate picture of how your condition affects you.

Mind are encouraging people to contact their MP to ask for people to be given the chance to choose which sort of assessment they have.

The DWP, meanwhile, have announced that they are going to carry out a survey of claimants who have had experience of a telephone assessment. The survey will be carried out this summer.

Which will mean it is quite a few months behind our own survey, which is ongoing but which we published findings from back in April.

What would you prefer to happen? Let us know in the comments section below the line.


#18 Asbo 2020-07-02 15:59
I couldn't do the survey because I can't cope with phones or Face To Face under stress. So I would rather Paper Based
#17 denby 2020-07-01 12:06
Paper assessments would be less stress not only for the claimant but their family or other supporters. The DWP should be ashamed of how they make parents [like us] and partners ill.
Better for the environment too by cutting out travel when assessment centres are so often 20+ miles away.
#16 malka 2020-07-01 11:30
Paper assessments are the best by far, so very important you throw the kitchen sink at it! It saves a lot of time and more importantly stress for the person claiming!
#15 chrysalis 2020-07-01 04:13
I have only had a paper assessment once, they seem extremely rare. I cannot see them ever doing that for everyone, I think they would rather defer than do those for everyone.
+1 #14 Bluemoon 2020-06-30 16:30
Paper assesments every time. Not telephone or f2f
#13 denby 2020-06-28 22:52
Our daughter escaped phone assessment which she could not face after I made several calls and got a Drs letter re her anxiety. However on 11th June they wrote to her again [rec'd 16th] warning they "had looked at papers again and still need to do a F2F, will write again with date." The dodgy bit is, I checked with the Drs, IAS wrote BEFORE getting the Drs letter and indeed response to inquiry form IAS sent them. I called IAS to point this out, just got a 'we will review when we receive Drs letter and form'. So new F2Fs are being planned.
#12 Elizabeth Vidler 2020-06-27 11:38
I suspect face to face will be back or whatever saves them the most money we are always the ones who take the hit disabled lives dont matter we wont kick up so kick us. We always get some unqualified so called hcp when all the vast amounts of evidence we endlessly supply should be enough. I have lobbied my mp about the need for these assessments and surprise suprise got nowhere just got quoted bits of govt legislation which I already knew about I asked for DWP to have a radical overall got nowhere with that either they support their own govt departs and policy end of.
#11 jackus 2020-06-25 19:51
The choice between telephone and F2F is not quite straight forward. Telelphone assessments is preferable to f2f but the telephone assessments can not be recorded and f2f can. If they sort out the recording of telephone based assessments then for mental health issues a f2f is not necessary. Physical may need one.
#10 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-06-25 15:15
If we still have to keep one metre apart how can you have a physical examination? You cant. No wonder the DWP are keeping quiet. Also as there will now be a backlog of cancelled appointments and ones that would have been due they must be well behind. They can take as long as they want as far as I am concerned although I do appreciate that it can be stressful for some.
……The DWP will simply just recruit more unqualified staff from agency services, who have no clue about our illnesses and how its affecting us on a daily nightly basis. So they will still push out assessments irrespectably , and subsequently leading to bent ssessments, bent reports full of injust. So its business as usual at the DPW -CAPITA-MAXIMUS -ASOS etc. I have very little faith in any of them and zero trust. And on an end note, the future is going to be very bleak.
#9 the seeker 2020-06-25 14:02
I am posting this as it may help others. I received a letter today from DWP. I am classed in a vulnerable group and was advised to shield at the start of the outbreak. The letter states that although the distancing measure has changed I should still stay home where possible and if I do go out follow strict distancing rules. So I wonder if this means that I cannot attend a ftf interview. The position will be reviewed on August 1st whist updates will appear on the government website on July 6th. Hope this may help others in the same position as me.
+1 #8 the seeker 2020-06-24 16:49
If we still have to keep one metre apart how can you have a physical examination? You cant. No wonder the DWP are keeping quiet. Also as there will now be a backlog of cancelled appointments and ones that would have been due they must be well behind. They can take as long as they want as far as I am concerned although I do appreciate that it can be stressful for some.
#7 chrysalis 2020-06-24 16:00
I am not sure why some prefer f2f, surely a phone call is easier and less stressful.
+1 #6 Bud 2020-06-24 14:27
I’d prefer a paper based assessment, but I’d settle for a phone call rather than F2F.
#5 anmor47 2020-06-24 12:55
face to face assessments are used to deny people the benefit. There is no other reason to carry them out as the claimant supplies the DWP with all the medical evidence needed. Get to the sick/disabled person face to face and then bully and intimidate. They don't want anybody with you to help stop their interogation. Happens with GP's, social services and anybody else involved now as well, from our personal experience. Even Social workers and GP's sing from the same 'positive' Biophychosocial model now - all positive crap. Gonna be nasty time ahead when the Tories come looking for cash back.
#4 Anees 2020-06-23 21:15
This face to face assessments so called (Horribly things) will be ended forever, we don't want to see these healthcare so called expert's in medical who don't know even the name of medicine.
#3 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-06-23 20:54
It's obvious assessments will be back to normal. Even a 1 metre distance is not sufficient to safe guard a person from an assessor, assessing the claimant. All the assessor could do is just their usual unfair assumed observations. I would prefer a paperback assessment but given an f2f or telephone assessment, id opt for the phone job. Then at least hey can not observe you, which means in front of a tribunal you stand more chance at an appeal because the assessor assumed too much without being present. So their assumptions are basically worthless and not worth the paper there written on in their reports to the DWP's DM's. Anyway good luck to everyone out there we will be needed it. After this furlough and costing the taxpayers hundreds of billions of pounds. The Tories will be wanting to knaw on the bones of the welfare state.
+1 #2 Mark 2020-06-23 19:09
Would rather have paper or telephone as I don’t really want to put myself through another face to face medical.
#1 paul 2020-06-23 17:57
Choice between Telephone or face to face assessment .

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