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Claimants who have their PIP award extended risk losing other payments because of the last-minute nature of their process.

On 23 April the DWP announced that if your PIP is due to expire in the next 3 months, it will automatically be extended for 6 months.

However, a member has alerted us to a post on Rightsnet, the site for welfare rights workers, which warns that PIP review extension letters are only sent out the day before a PIP award is due to end.

As a result, payments of carers allowance and severe disability premiums may be at risk because other parts of the DWP may not have been told about the extension.

Readers who have their award extended may wish to check with the DWP that those payments have not been cancelled.

We would be interested to hear from members who have had their PIP extended about whether everything went smoothly.


#5 steve1005 2020-09-30 18:32
I had a telephone assessment today, she was 15 minutes late, so as I was on the phone to capita, she rang to tell me the last phone call was very hard and took over hour and half, she was very abrupt, telling me my daughter could not speak for me, that through me all together I was panicking but had to calm down to answer the questions, I recorded it all on my wife's phone.she asked me more about my mental health, and what school I when to, she became abrupt so I told her why are you shouting at me she said I need to get all the right answers, I would definitely recommend everyone record the assessment because im worried now on how I did iv got to wait 8 weeks.
#4 malka 2020-07-01 11:33
Leave people on DLA Indefinite awards on DLA unless they want to claim PIP and then a paper assessment is preferable, second to a telephone assessment.
+1 #3 Bluemoon 2020-06-30 16:39
Further to last post, I should add that no end date for PIP was given it just said indeterminate?
#2 Bluemoon 2020-06-30 16:36
Oddly my PIP was valid till April 2020, but last week I received a letter to say it had been reviewed and I was awarded top rate on both. I haven’t filled a form in or anything, soI’m wondering if they are doing that to everyone regardless of the end date of their award. My carer’s allowance has not been affect nor has my ESA. By the way they did a paper assessment for ESA because of coronavirus lockdown and awarded top on that a month ago?
+1 #1 Gilly Nicnac 2020-06-29 10:52
PIP due to end 22.06.20. As my last award was via appeal and as per B & W website I rang DWP last week to be told I should have received a new form. My PIP will be extended on 21.06.20 and I should receive a new form. As for my hubby, the care award he gets for me stops on 22.06.20(he did receive a letter recently) we have got to ring them after 22.06.20 as they will not know automatically from DWP that my award has been extended. I have had nothing in writing about the extension,will just have to see if I get a payment next due. Will certainly be using B & W guides on my next application.

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