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IAS (Atos) have begun recording telephone assessments for personal independence payment (PIP) Therese Coffey, secretary of state for work and pensions, told the Work and Pensions Committee on Wednesday 30 September.

Coffey told the committee that IAS had begun recording the assessments on 21 September.*

“But that has not yet started with Capita. That is under, I can assure you, active management to get Capita going quickly on this

claimants must ask to have their assessment recorded, it will not be done automatically.

You are likely to need to arrange this in advance. The earlier you request a recording the better, as a new appointment may need to be arranged.

A DWP spokesperson told us “This is not a pilot and is something that will eventually be rolled out nationally. The process is just not yet live in areas covered by Capita but will be shortly.”

But we have already heard from one claimant who requested two days ago that their assessment be recorded.

Our member says that their assessment, which was due to take place today, was immediately cancelled and could not be rebooked because the assessor did not wish to be recorded.

Our member was then told that maybe he would now have to wait for a face to face assessment instead.

We raised this issue with the DWP who told us:

IAS have established a process where telephone assessments can be recorded and therefore no claimants are being told they must wait for a face to face assessment.

You may still consider it sensible to record the assessment yourself just in case the DWPs recording goes astray. Though you will need to do this covertly as the DWP will not give permission.

We would still strongly recommend that claimants consider making a covert recording of their assessment, just in case the DWP’s copy goes astray when you challenge a decision.

There’s more about recording your assessment in our PIP guide.

You can watch a video recording of the evidence session on parliamentlive.tv

* This article was corrected following a clarification that PIP assessments will not be recorded automatically.


#5 Jessica Card 2021-05-06 17:13
Can anyone advice how to apply for a recording of the assessment that was undertaken that I was not part of as they called my mental health centre and wrote their findings on this basis? I have severe mental illness, autism, adhd, BPD, C-ptsd, Fibro, I;ve been awarded higher rate living but no mobility and what the assesor wrote said I do not suffer any psychological distress when going out which is total rubbish. I'm trying to find out what was said in the telephone conversation which bought her to this conclusion. Do you know how I go about obtaining this??
#4 Elaine 2020-10-12 09:41
Due to your website,I was awarded full rate for both elements.i was given this due to mental health,which I had to fight for in 2014.originally only received low amount daily living.i was one of the cases ,case looked at again and was given new decision ,re, mental health and planning and following journeys etc.problem is they only awarded it from when my last assessment done 2019.no payments were backdated, even though I received a letter informing me I was paid correctly from 2014.sent appeal letter,as your site suggested..covi d then left me in limbo,not knowing if I could still follow up,as I didn't receive any correspondence, since december.can I still action this after length of time I've waited,as my initial pip claim was for mental health issues, even though I now have mobility issues also.any feedback or advice would be very helpful.thank you again, your website is invaluable
+1 #3 speedy101 2020-10-08 19:40
This is a double edged sword!

For some the lies will be good for others with mental health issues their lack of insight will be damming!

About 10 years ago I was all for audio recording of these things - I have my 1st ESA assessment from 2010 audio recorded.

I was taught by the great welf who was dealing with my case that tribunals don't really care as they know just how lack luster these assessments are so a quick 1 sentence this is complete n utter boll.....

Is all you need to discredit it! As they know!
#2 Margaret Hughes 2020-10-07 21:57
Thank you so much for your help this past few years. I turn 66 next April and will get my state pension. I still hope to get my PIP so I will continue to subscribe. Your guides and information have been my only support at times, you guided me through my first tribunal, and when they next tried to refuse it you gave me the information I needed to challenge their refusal. I didn't need a tribunal the second time, they changed their minds and awarded it. Your guides are, literally, a life saver, particularly for those of us in rural areas with no other options for support.
#1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-10-05 14:08
Good news.

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