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The DWP have published the benefits rates that will apply from April 2021 to 2022. They make grim reading for claimants, with increases of as little as 15p a week in the work-related activity component of ESA and 10p a week in the standard rate of the PIP mobility component.

The weekly rises in some benefits are shown below.

Carer’s allowance
From 67.25 to 67.60

DLA care component
Highest From 89.15 to 89.60
Middle From 59.70 to 60.00
Lowest From 23.60 to 23.70

DLA mobility component
Higher From 62.25 to 62.55
Lower From 23.60 to 23.70

ESA work-related activity component
From 29.55 to 29.70

ESA support component
From 39.20 to 39.40

PIP daily living component
Enhanced From 89.15 to 89.60
Standard From 59.70 to 60.00

PIP mobility component
Enhanced From 62.25 to 62.55
Standard From 23.60 to 23.70

You can see the full list of increases on the gov.uk website.


+3 #2 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2020-12-11 15:58
You just couldn't make it up if you tried.

This increase is a kick in the bollXXXs,
It does not even attempt to help with the extra cost of annual inflation, neither does it give any help / support for the occurring increase in costs this pandemic has placed on all claimants.

Ie gas, elecy, water etc all increased annually marginally high, and all claimants have had to use more utilities. And to top the lot the government refuse to give ESA / PIP claimants on legacy benefits that extra £20 quid a week what all other pandemic claimants were given. It's a disgrace, the Tories saying it could not be given due to technicality & cost of changing their servers computers etc to accommodate a change ie increase in payments for legacy claimants.

Watch the Tories pat themselves all on their backs with a big massive pay increase shortly.
+3 #1 denby 2020-12-11 12:59
....while they carry on carving up ancient woodlands to build HS2 for £8 BILLION, and it won't even carry freight to help people's health by reducing air pollution from lorries. So much for 'levelling up'. Apologies for cynicism.
I'll try to think about all of the keyworkers carrying on and smile instead at the blessings they bring. Not least ALL of the wonderful B&W Team, and happy Christmas to all.

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