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Do you have a friend or relative who would benefit from being a member of the Benefits and Work community?

Maybe they have been thinking about making a claim for PIP for a long time but always been put off by horror stories about how difficult it is to claim.

Or perhaps they have applied and been turned down, but you are sure they meet the criterial for an award.

If so, this is your opportunity to give them the gift of a year’s full membership of the site.

It’s a gift that could change their life.

What’s more, you can buy a Benefits and Work gift code for just £14.96 until midnight on Friday.

After that you can still buy a gift code, but the cost goes up to £19.96.

(The extra penny is just so we can tell it apart from a standard subscription)

You can buy a gift subscription using the Buy Now button below.

Once we receive your payment we’ll email you a single use coupon code which you can pass on to your relative or friend.

If your PayPal email address isn’t the one you now use, just drop us an email to the address below.

When your friend or relative receives their gift, they just need to email us at info@benefitsandwork.co.uk quoting the coupon code and we’ll create their subscription for them.


#1 joss 2020-12-16 11:12
Excellent idea. I just purchased one for a friend. Tis the season to gift to someone.

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