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A government minister has admitted that over half of those PIP claimants who have had their award extended because of the pandemic have still not been told.

Justin Tomlinson, minister for disabled people, revealed yesterday that, in total, over 1.6 million PIP claimants have had their award extended. But of these only 756,00 have so far been notified.

The other 850,000 claimants will be notified of their new award end date ‘early 2021’.

In the meantime, they will be left in a state of continuing anxiety and uncertainty.

You can read the full statement here.


#4 Margaret Hughes 2021-01-13 18:04
In September 2020 I received a letter saying my review, due November 2020 had been extended until November 2021.
On 18th December I received renewal forms dated 4th December and stating they should be returned by 4th January 2021. Friday before Christmas, no answer at DWP. I did phone and eventually get through on Monday, 21st December, I was given a 14 day extension, as the form had only just reached me. Apparently they can give 14 days extension to anyone who asks for it. The advisor was lovely, hoped I wouldn't let it stop me having a good Christmas. It absolutely ruined Christmas, bad enough under lockdown. I did manage to get evidence together and complete the form with supporting information following B&W guidelines. I posted the envelope back on 6th January. I was not able to speak with my consultant or GP. Wish me luck.
#3 Colleen Sutcliffe 2021-01-13 16:02
My pip claim originally should have ended on june 30th 2020.

I recieved the renewal forms in December 2019 and after an extension sent them of mid January of 2020.

My claim was extended to 30th December 2020 due to the Pandemic.

I finally had my phone PIP assessment was on 28th Oct 2020 and recieved a text on the 30th oct saying that they had received the written report of my PIP assessment. They went on to say they would write to me once they had made a decision.

They said 'as a guide you should hear from us within 8 weeks. That would take it to Christmas Day.

I called them Yesterday (12th January) as it was now over 10weeks and I had still not heard anything to be told my claim had been extended to 18th March and had been extended on 1st December. I was not notified of this.

The person I spoke to kept saying that they are dealling with assesments in date order and that although an assessor has my file that they haven't looked at it yet!
+1 #2 Siobhan 2021-01-13 09:40
I was in receipt of high rate mobility and care on dla indefinitely was then awarded pip no mobility standard care, took it to appeal and won mobility side, now I have been told that this runs out in March and have to reapply from scratch, a new claim, why?? Am furious
+1 #1 MooBear 2021-01-12 14:53
My son had a letter saying his award had been extended, then the following week had a set of renewal forms for pip. Does anyone have any information on which I should follow? I have telephoned DWP twice and got no sense from them regarding completing the renewal forms. The first phone call was not even registered by them on their system, the second time I called I again was not told when the forms should be be returned by. The date has already passed, so I was asking for an extension time wise. Should I assume the extended award is valid until it ends?

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