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After years of dogged insistence, John Pring of Disability News Service, has finally forced the DWP to hand over a copy of a secret report into the death of a claimant.

Pring discovered in 2014 that the DWP had been compiling Internal Process Review (IPR) reports where claimants deaths were connected with benefits.

However, the DWP has always refused to make any but the most heavily redacted and anonymised details of these reports public. This is in spite of the fact that the reports contain recommendations on how the DWP could change its practices to make future deaths less likely.

But, the coroner holding an inquest into the death of Philippa Day has upheld Pring’s request to be given a full copy of the DWP’s IPR in this case.

This was in spite of strong opposition from the DWP, who denied that any kind of cover-up was taking place even though they had initially refused to even let the coroner see a copy of the report.

The DWP also claimed falsely that Pring could obtain a copy of the report via a freedom of information request, in spite of having refused all such previous requests.

Both Philippa’s family and her legal representatives have supported the request for the document to be published.

The report will be given to Pring at the same time as it is released in evidence to the inquest.

It raises the question of whether the DWP will be able to successfully refuse future requests for other IPRs that it has, up until now, managed to keep secret.

You can read the full story on the DNS website.


#3 Normski 2021-03-19 10:37
Yes I totally agree Edith why do they need more information when a GP and specialists have given there verdict about people’s health, it’s like saying they are lying, we all know the ones that are lying just to save money absolutely despicable
#2 Fleming 2021-01-24 16:29
I couldn't agree with you more Edith! Severe mental illness sadly is very serious and should not be underestimated at all when it comes to diagnoses as any reputable psychiatrist and or psychologist can confirm.

The system we have here, is unfortunately flawed and I find that the DWP still has not learnt lessons from very sad cases of deaths particularly with poor Errol Graham, Philippa, and so many others who have lost their lives because of this totally callous and insensitive system .

They couldn't care less, we are just numbers to them, and no matter whether some of our Gps and Consultants are on our side, the powers that be, simply don't care and their mindset about serious issues like these will never change!

This sad sorry saga about Philippa, and so many others could have been avoided but they choose not to! What does this tell you? The benefits system is totally callous and not fit for purpose and whether we like it or not, the same mistakes will be repeated over and over again!
+3 #1 Edith McKinsley 2021-01-19 19:37
This woman’s death was totally avoidable. EUPD is a serious mental health illness.Sadly Personality Disorders are poorly understood as are many other Mental illnesses. I strongly believe that when a person has a diagnosis with a severe mental health illness with no cure then they should be exempt from attending assessments. The patients CPN and their Psychiatrist should be the people who decide if their patients are fit for work or not. I feel just as strongly with regard to other illnesses and diseases. The Government need to respect that Doctors and Specialists are best placed to make decisions about their patients ability to work or not! The system at the moment is a very cruel one. RIP Philippa.

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