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We’re trying to find out about less common aids or appliances you use in connection with PIP activities, in order to improve our guides and training materials.  

We probably know most of the more usual ones, like a kettle tipper, raised toilet seat or zip puller. But do you use something we might not have come across?

Or do you use an everyday item in an unusual way as an aid?

We’d also like to learn about ways in which the DWP try to take points off you by saying you could use an aid or appliance you don’t actually use.

We have created a very quick survey, just 4 questions and you don't need to answer them all.

Your contributions to the survey are anonymous, but we may publish some of the information you provide, so please don’t disclose anything that might identify you.

If you need reminding what the 10 daily living activities and two mobility activities are, there is a list which will open in a separate window here.

You can start the survey by following this link

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