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Campaigning anti-poverty charity Z2K is asking claimants to share their experience of disability benefits assessments as they try to put pressure on the government to make changes.

Readers may remember Z2K as the charity that reported the DWP to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over its fake news items on universal credit. The ASA subsequently found against the DWP and they have not repeated that particular form of deception.

Now Z2K is trying to put pressure on the government to get on with their long-delayed Health and Disability Green Paper, which is supposed to be looking at how to improve support for people on disability benefits.

Z2K wants you to tell them about your experiences of PIP assessments and work capability assessments to help them explain where benefits assessments need to be changed and why the Green Paper is urgent.

The closing date for taking part in the survey is 28 April.

You can find Z2K the survey here


#2 jennypenny 2021-04-27 02:30
I wish someone would look at how disabled/chroni cally ill people are treated by this government and the main stream media. In particular, disabled homeowners are treated unequally when it comes to assistance with paying rent or a mortgage on their homes. A council (or private) tenant can claim Local Housing Allowance when they’re on a low income but homeowners are treated very differently and instead, we’re given a ‘loan’ that we need to pay back. Even then, the loan only relates to the interest and they pay at the base rate; not what you are actually paying.

My husband is my full time career (has been for years now) so we have to survive on means tested benefits and when our mortgage takes over half our income, we constantly live in fear of our house being repossessed due to arrears (we’ve asked the bank to change the product but they’re not interested and won’t discuss/enterta in it until we’ve been “12 months arrears free” - chance would be a nice thing!)

I wish someone would address this disparity. I appreciate that their stance might be that they’re essentially paying for your asset but they’re doing that anyway when they cover private rents? The difference being; this is our home whereas private landlords are renting for profit.

In my opinion, we should be given the same assistance as those in rented accommodation - we have no way to improve our situation and I’d need to be rehoused in adapted accommodation. Surely it makes sense to keep me in my own home?
#1 FieldL2015 2021-04-20 09:25
Ive done this survey

The government are a disgrace and need to stop persecuting people who are obviously too ill to work.

I have suggested alot of things they need to do, some i wont mention due to personal reasons.

One of them is that the £20 per week UC uplift needs to be made permanent and also needs to be extended to legacy.

But i doubt the government will even listen

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