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John Pring, the journalist and campaigner behind the Disability News Service, wants to hear from claimants who have a PIP or ESA appeal coming up in June or early July.

A major TV broadcaster is making a documentary in conjunction with Disability News Service about how the disability benefits process impacts on disabled people's health and wellbeing. The documentary will examine the impact of assessments, sanctions and interactions with contractors and the DWP and asks whether more should be done to help service users.

As part of the film, the programme makers are looking to speak to people who are currently going through the appeals process for their PIP or ESA claims. If you have a tribunal in June or early July, please email victoria@hardcashproductions.com

John Pring, editor of Disability News Service, said: "I've been investigating the benefits system for nearly a decade now, working with many disabled campaigners, allies, and families of claimants.

"I know Benefits and Work has also worked hard over many years. I'm glad the documentary has been commissioned and would be grateful for any help that members of Benefits and Work can provide."

John has been fighting with remarkable tenaciousness for years to expose the cruelty of the benefits system. More than anyone else, he has highlighted the benefits-related deaths of hundreds of claimants, exposing secret DWP reports and uncovering coroners’ rulings.

Benefits and Work receives many media enquiries, most of which we do not pass on because we can’t be certain how claimants will be treated. But with John so closely involved in the production, we know that claimants will be treated with respect and honesty.

So, if you have an appeal coming up and you feel able to do so, please do get in touch with victoria@hardcashproductions.com


#1 Brenda 2021-07-28 17:36
My mandatory reconsideration stayed same and I have lodged an appeal now...my health conditions have totally worsened since last review in 2018...
I was on enhanced fir both...awarded standard mobility and standard care...
Lost MR now lodged appeal...my descriptors and comments from award were almost opposite of my telephone assessment.. any advice appreciated

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