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Social security appeal numbers and success rates for claimants have all fallen according to the latest statistics released by Her majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

The number of social security appeals being lodged has fallen by 37% overall compared to the same quarter last year, to 22,000 appeals.

Employment Support Allowance (ESA) appeals are down 74%, Universal Credit (UC) 66% and Personal Independence Payments (PIP) down 22%.

PIP continues to make up the highest proportion of appeals at 67%, with UC on 12% and ESA on 3%.

66% of completed cases were cleared at hearing, rather than for example being settled before they reached a hearing. This is down from 70% in the same quarter last year.

The overall success rate for claimants was 66%, down from 71% last year.

The success rate varies by benefit.

The success rate for PIP claimants was 72%, down 4% on last year.

The ESA success rate was 67%, down 9%.

The DLA success rate was 67%, down 3%.

The UC success rate was 54%, down 11%

You can download the full statistics from this link.


+2 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2021-06-11 17:25
I wonder why the rate have fallen down ?

Maybe its because claimants have miraculously recovered from decades of long term degenerative conditions and disabilities!


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